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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Apr 11, 2007 5:07 PM Flag

    Short Tales: Shorts are Covering

    You're incorrigible! ... Last warning -- you're aching for a breaking. What you think is reportage is -- PATENTLY -- 3 parts wishful thinking and one part tea leaves reading.

    Remember, not only can the shorts buy and sell you, me and everybody else who's ever posted 'roun' heah, they'll (a) stop at nothing; (b, well a paraphrased) can put their money to nefarious uses; and (c) have forgotten more tricks than you'll ever know about.

    Maybe, you could (not that you would, of course) take candy from a baby. This is not at all in the same ballpark.

    We all agree that Mr. B.F. adds enormous value by virtue of his intelligence, insight, etc.... Your comments have a "did you see how fast that pitch was, Sparky?" quality -- and what's worse, your "we'll show them nasties what's what" is little short of pathetic.

    Hey, no profanity, but your attitude is gonna prove muy costly TO YOU in the long run. Try losing it -- before you lose your shirt.

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    • Lemon; I don't know what to say to you.

      I was the one who took pains to point out that the Shorts have great resources, they seldom lose, and short squeezes are mostly a figment of shareholders imaginations.

      In spite of those reservations, I have posted that the shorts were losing this particular battle with ANAD. I said this is a rare occurance, when shorts lose.

      I admit that my posts are designed to goad the shorts, but they are also based upon observations, and also meant to inform the shareholders about the Shorts tactics.

      If the shorts are in a very difficult situation, they will use their power to try to get out of it. But they have already been doing that.

      Sure, there may be more things they can do, but, I'd have to say that they already tried many tricks.

      I don't find it surprising that they are using today's market weakness to cover some of their short position, from what I have been able to observe, and guess. It is my opinion. But few people watch the level two, as I do. Therefore, my opinion means something, and is worth reporting.

      Are you worried that my posts will make them mad or something? Or bring bad luck? The shorts know their situation, and will deal with it as best they can. Nothing posted here will change what they do. It only informs shareholders what may be happening.

      My view is that the shorts are now realizing that they lost their bet, and are now engaged in an effort to cover their position as best they can. They may have some procedures to handle this. I'll be watching.

      But, my view is that their attempt to drive the stock price below 11 was a failure, they realize it, and are now changing their tactics to getting out of their short position, while limiting their losses as best they can. We'll see what other procedures they have to accomplish this. But, my bet is that their efforts from here on out will be dictated by the need to cover more shares than they short or sell in any given day, in trying to keep the stock under control. They will want to see a reduction in their short position on an almost daily basis, in other words.

      Thus, the risk that the shorts will try another attempt to drive the stock way down is probably close to nil, IMO. They tried that, it failed, and they know trying it again will be futile. The only possible fly in the ointment to upset that prognostication would be a strong market sell off, or some disappointment at the company, such as a lousy earnings report.

      If you prefer that I not post my observations, let me know, and I'll think about it.



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