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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Sep 26, 2007 12:29 PM Flag

    The shorts are carefully slowly attempting to cover without additional pain

    I've tried the "Can't we all get along" message previously. I know comparing oneself to Jesus raises an issue or 2, but I guess that until "Armageddon," most of those appeals are destined to be futile -- whether one should therefore never appeal to people's better side is too tough a question for me to want to tackle.

    Obviously, B.F. is not self-effacing, and he's seen (or believes he's seen) enough thievery (however successful) that he may err on the side of being suspicious.

    My take on whether manipulators use boards is this -

    BIG $ is at stake, and I'm guessing the "mutts" (I hope that's how it's spelled and I prefer the term to more colorful scatalogical ones one sometimes sees 'roun' here) who post for pay cost very little.

    If you've ever seen how rumors travel - or are observant enough to notice how many people watch Survivor, Idol, etc. - you have to realize that THINKING is not as universal a trait (even among investors) as you might think.

    In short, why not keep harping on issues with a little resonance, like insider selling! Somebody may be reading it for the first time and put a market order in to sell 500 shares -- that could help if you're short, because the stock might decline a nickel (or even a dime) on a slow day.... Similarly, no one is immune from worry, so even if you accept the innocuous explanation for insider selling the first 20 times you hear it, some Friday, it may tip you past the point where you decide to take some profits.... Again, this helps the shorts. I wish I knew whether a board like this is read by 100 or 10000 ANAD holders. Maybe, some people HAVE an idea which number is correct. Clearly, if it's higher (or even MIGHT BE), a "petty cash" level expense to hire bashers is a no-brainer for folks with $millions on the line.

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