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  • trouderenard trouderenard May 11, 2011 4:48 PM Flag

    I'm selling tomorrow

    Really, this company should annouce a take-over tomorrow, or else I take my loss.

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    • Wrong again, Sean Betternot Roger Tiger Makeitinc Orangeis HSS, etc. multi alias stalker freak,

      I, too, wish the posts for 2000-2003 were around still so we could keep rubbing your nose in you posts where you were buying ANAD in the 30's, 40's, and 50 dollars a share range like a stupid, mindless speculator during the dotbomb implosion that destroyed you and embittered you on ANAD forever---and understandably so since you lost a absolute fortune. The best posts were when we came in around 2001 at the cycle low inflection point with a fat sack of cash making fun of "tools" like you and pounding the table over and over again to buy ANAD at 2 bucks a share and below and holding it as long as it takes to get paid in the up cycle that always comes. Did it work? Yes, it certainly did BABY, in spades!!! It ain't rocket science. Buy ANAD when it is in the dirt and priced for BK at down cycle low inflection points and hold it as long as it takes to get paid in the up cycle. The only time we got scraped up was recently when we diverted from what ALWAYS works and ADDED to our 1 dollar plus shares at 5, the low 4's, and again at 3. Even we underestimated ANAD's managements ability to screw up during the biggest up cycle in HISTORY.

      No matter, we will still get paid, like always, ANAD's product portfolio, design talent, intellectual property, and FAB assets are all far, far too good to not be exploited by those who know how to better execute or to fuel the obvious comeback that always comes if its peers are too stupid to pounce on ANAD the herd straggler while it is priced as if it somehow is going bankrupt (and even the boiler room whores know that ain't happening).

      ANAD is a tremendous group of people with tremendous capabilities whose only shortfall has been at the management level.

      That gets cured every quickly with a buyout. That is why one is coming SHORTLY whether management encourages it or not.

      The law of the corporate jungle dictates the straggler of the herd will be "taken out" and ANAD is now clearly the weakest sister and the glaring straggler of the corporate herd.

      That should be just plain obvious by now. Even to a great "corporate thinker" like yourself. Hee Hee Hee. Will you come back and admit all your aliases and that you have been a whiny little crybaby for years when the buyout is announced? Or will you just use another alias and talk more ankle biting nonsense like the stalker freak you are?

      The saga should be over shortly as I don't see ANAD's competitors letting them continue on as a standalone. One of the wolves will pounce---Yes, it is the Law of the Corporate Jungle and everyone knows it.

    • Hard to tell if some poster has any predictive power when it comes to cycles. I know China's story will continue the rest of this decade, and ANAD has a good base there.

      It's a disservice from Yahoo that they have made messages from 2000 inaccesible. The years 1999-2003 are the best on these boards. All gone. It's ashame, what has YHOO done with it?

    • You have been wrong for so long that you have become the exception to the rule that even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile. There is more of a chance that top people in ANAD will be lured to competition. Why spend hundreds of millions when you can do it a lot cheaper. The greedy insiders will want golden platinum parachutes. Who needs all the dead weight. The insiders are running a club for themselves and will not give up their perks. No its better to back door ANAD and leave the liabilities and facilities . Why pay 600 million or more when this dog could be picked apart for 1/10 that. Now don't you have some farming chores to do?

    • I'm buying

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