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  • itsagaas itsagaas Jan 7, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    I hear there is a good reason this stinky little money losing piggie ANAD stock is fattening up

    *Broadcom has a hot new 5G wifi product that some probably already know that Apple will use in products. It won award at Barcellona a few months back.

    *Anadigics has extreme depth in wifi pa/feic bench all the way back to intel centrino

    *Drawing on their wifi expertise, ANAD has designed a huge winner in their new wifi feic's that some probably know is designed into broadcom's hot new product that some probably know ahead of us is going to be in apple product(s)? among many others.

    *ANAD own press release brags about all the reference wins they have for their hot new wifi feic family

    *ANAD like coincidental magic started to participate in analyst presentation and webcast them for all shmoes to hear and they only do that when they are heading up.

    *there are no coincidences in life. things always happen for a reason and this shareprice going up has a reason that some already know and most dont yet know. that is the way the world operates. rich j.o.'s know and poor schmoes know last.

    *smart shorts already covered over million shares as if by magic when the 5g wifi news crept out.

    *dumb retail shorts short now and think they are smart but are not.

    *this is not just speculation movement and the price is always double triple by the time little dumb schmoes are in the know why it started to move up in the first place.

    *its okay either way since its only money and no matter what happens......its a gaas, baby, its a gaas.

    *I got mine, you got yours? We'll take his too......

    its gonna be a gaas, baby, a gaas I tell you.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • sam_osa Jan 7, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

      the fact that they were re-entering the 802.11ac (having a past relationship with INTEL) was the biggest takeaway from the Credit Suisse presentation in Nov. Don't know about Broadcom, but big things are definitely ahead for this company!
      GLTA, Sam

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