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  • aecooter33 aecooter33 Sep 4, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    New Samsung products

    Looks like Samsung revealed a bunch of cool new products. Sure a bunch of them have Anadigics inside.

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    • hey mr. pie in the sky and rose colored glasses.........ANAD is finished. check out their finances. soon to be delisted from nasdaq and then to the pink sheets.

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      • SVS8100
        You are correct. This is 8th grade math not even an SAT problem. If ANAD is burning cash and the products they sell to Samsung have 0% gross margin. How many products do they need to sell to be cash flow positive? I know, I've heard the CE*s speak. The more products we make, the lower the overhead costs and we make money. The truth of the matter is that they need 70 to 75% more sales to break even. They need to be a $200M a year company and they just are not. They will eventually realize that it is easier and faster to cut people than sell more product. If they cut too deep into the engineering team, they won't have anything left to offer to their competitors when they come knocking.

      • Spoken like a true skyworks touting 'ho. You wish ANAD was finished but it aint happening no matter how much you wish it to be. Anadigics has only suffered from poor management over the years-never from their products which are always top notch bar none. ANAD will always be around making the best unless they are bought which is highly likely. Its all a Gaas Baby, its all a gaas I tell ya. ANAD will comeback more ferociously than ever this time while you cry in your Sam Adams. Lets compare returns in the next 1,3,6,12, and 24 months shall we sir talks alot but says little?

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