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  • tylerwynn99 tylerwynn99 Oct 26, 2012 12:58 AM Flag

    MARABOZO; What happened???

    I leave for three or four months to come back and see this absolute nonsense!!!
    Posts by a group of 'Single A', 'Cramer' wannabe's sounding as if this was a middle school exercise in business investment. What has happened here? Who are these children controlling this message board?
    Here, I was all excited to start up an intellectual debate with you again. Continuing the bantering back and forth with our personal 'digs' and attacks at each other and I come across this atrocious group of teenagers talking about "VVTV"!!!
    Why, when and how did you loose your control over this message board???
    Where are all the usual suspects??? i.e., mktresearch, retailexec, Mr.M, schmataguy, trumpace and so on...???
    How disappointing!!!
    Get off your a** and Neely and regain your throne and control of this message board!!! For without you this is meaningless and a waste of my time. Who wants to have an intelectual argument with 'CHILDREN'!!!
    It took a mere 5 minutes reading some of these 'high school' level (at best) commentaries before I had to 'STOP' and realize that I don't have the time or desire to hear about these novices trying to pose as educated and informed adults attempting to commentate on the market!!!
    As sad as it is...In order for this message board to retain any sense of respectability, YOU must regain control of this board NOW!!!
    There, I said it!
    Even though, I reluctantly make this claim...You and the rest of the 'old timers' must regain this board or it will perish, as it has, to these NEW grade schoolers!!!
    'MARABOZO', it seems as if the 'TRAIN' has left the station and it is not going to the Eastern Front, rather, it is on the way, nonstop to STUPIDVILLE!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Aw Tyler misses us but mostly you Marubzo that is nice. I can't speak for the others but I have been paying more attention to productive stocks in my portfolio and learning to master a new trading strategy which is very promising and it will not make use of stocks like VVTV. Not picking on VVTV. I have kept a few shares only because optimistic insiders have been buying a little. There are much better opportunities both long , short and income producing. I do enjoy playing a game with the broadcast though that I call Shop Roulette. I randomly tune in in the evening and if our favorite watch program is on I have a glass of wine. if it is a double hour then I have 2 glasses.This is particularly hard on my wine cellar but I do not mind. Fun along the way I believe is what it is called.
      Maybe someday we will make positive ebitda ( non constructed ) and that would bring some discussion back to the board.The new posters have already lost interest as we are back to pre Carlo rebuy levels again.Now I would like to know what Carlo was drinking when he loaded up again.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy