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  • paulmeldrin paulmeldrin Nov 20, 2012 8:52 AM Flag


    Stewart, McGrath, Ayd, Repasch, Steinberg OUT BY JANUARY. That's right: gone, fired, told to resign, anything to get these massive under performers out the door. These "workers" have done nothing to improve VVTV, and in fact have not made a single positive, creative contribution to the company. They are slugs, unloaded by QVC for the very same reasons they have shown at VVTV: they have nothing to offer but being able to grab a paycheck as quickly as possible.

    If you own VVTV stock, then you should hope I am correct. If you enjoy the free payday shorting VVTV stock, as I do, then keep laughing all the way to the bank.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Paulie, you should cover your short before you go outside today. Take some lithium and stop watching tv.This team was and is respected to this day by the QVC team. Why would you denigrate them ? i agree that they have not moved fast enough and have made some big mistakes but they are moving the ball forward just not fast enough. They will get the company profitable for sure. Forget KS nonsense about the 5 year plan. it would have been nice but they had no vision as how to really achieve that goal but they have improved the enterprise.It is undervalued big time when they make their first dollar of profit. Keep shorting and you will be burned.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy