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  • paulmeldrin paulmeldrin Dec 4, 2012 11:47 AM Flag

    VVTV" no shares to short, no volume; is VVTV even a real company at the point?

    Given the laughable caliber of the woeful management team, it's fair to ask at this point whether VVTV can even be considered a real company. The on air presentation is an embarrassment. The products on which they lay their hopes of making money are third rate junk. QVC and HSN are just
    a click on the remote control away. Who on earth would waste time buying from VVTV, watching stupendously uninteresting sales hacks on TV, and even worse, listening to the truly moronic
    dog and pony presentations put on by Stewart, McGrath, Steinberg, Ayd and the rest of the QVC retreads?

    I liked VVTV when I could short a few thousand shares each day: it was a sure thing. If you can't get shares to short, and you can't bear watching their feeble efforts to sell junk on TV, and you don't get any news about management being kicked off to retirement, heck, maybe it's time to cover and move on to shorting another company that's a sure bet to go out of business.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell