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  • fabricone1 fabricone1 Jan 2, 2013 3:25 PM Flag

    The current situation

    Company will reveal that it had an ok quarter blaming fiscal cliff and sandy for not generating a more satisying result. The savings from carriage costs are real. I hope Keith does not use $1 of theses savings to buy better channel positions as that strategy has proven to be yesterday's newspaper at VVTV. What needs to happen is so simple that it seems to escape the management completely. They speak to improving content but the small strategies that might have had a minimal impact on viewership and revenue does not support the loud lip service paid to it in the conference calls. we hear all about the grand we are going to do...........and ................ then we will be good. I tune in and I see Invicta watch daily values. really ?Really ? REALLY ? Ronnie must be sleeping. As a former top marketing executive one would believe by now that he could have convinced the we know it all gang that this is not working very well. It would seem that outsiders can do better check the results of the Mike George at QVC and Mindy grossman at HSN. Retail has always been a paradigm that required and rewarded managers who could effectively model and execute effective change. They should call Briggs and Costello and ask them what to do. Clearly that is what is missing there is no one that can tell them what to do and they have spent time and money trying to implement a model that obviously they do not understand as well as they thought they knew it. Maybe they should ask DD ? She is an advisor as I understand it. Could it be that they just can not find interesting product ? Is it that simple ? If so then it is easy to fix. So why haven't they ? Grossman figured out. George has continued to grow the business. Both without the coveted QVC experience. Hmmm

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    • You forget one little thing....ASP reduction. Q and H ASP has stayed exactly the same in the 5 1/2 years that KS has been aboard yet VVTV's ASP has dropped from $230 to the current $90-$100. It is remarkable that sales have not declined during this period...but it has not.

      The $15M redux in carriage for 2013 is welcomed. Now we need to see sales increases in the high single to low double digit area. (along with continued carriage costs decrease)

      HSN was broken most of its history and it took Mindy 5 years to figure it out

      Q was not broken but was mature

      VV was broken, immature and paid a pirates ransome for carriage.

      2013 might be the year....finally.