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  • trumpace trumpace Jan 4, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

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    Also mar remember KS took a 20 cent per share stock and moved it to where it is today so it all depends where you throw your dart to where the pps has moved. Buck had more control over KS until 2009 and that was the real start to KS when he started to build his team. Again I think his plan at that time was great but the electronics issue through that off track..., but that is fixed now. IMHO they have taken their lumps and going forward there is much more light at the end of the tunnel on the positive side.

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    • Certainly there is potential but I wonder if keith still has a fire burning ? In the past he was highly motivated and really did not tolerate por performance. It seems his standards have relaxed .

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      • retail, With the reduction in carriage cost and new channel position's in 2012 I do think KS has been busy. He can not do it all and that is why he delegates. I don' t think he "tolerates" poor performance as much as he is aware of the issues that have caused the stumble which were beyond his control and made changes to correct the situation. I do think he would admit it took way to long to fix but it is fixed and at the right time as we enter 2013. If I am reading this right 2013 will be a explosive year for the company..., at least on paper it is starting to look that way. The pieces are in place now and if management keeps it together this time they will perform well on all cylinders for 2013 IMHO.

        I haven't been this excited about a company since I was involved in Marvel Comics just before they sold to Disney and Midwest Airlines when they were sold for 17 which both I bought at a buck and a half. I am much lower in my overall cost for VVTV to the point of having all my money out and using only the house at this time. Plus I haven't been this excited about VVTV since the late 90's. Yes the potential is there now it is up to execution.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy