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  • trumpace trumpace Jan 29, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    Consider this

    Ok since my post was not delivered I will try it again.

    Remember that in 2011 the company took a charge of 25.679M for the preferred which saved them the dividend they were paying. Now with that consideration it looks like they used the savings (at least it looks to me) to apply it to the new channels and positioning costs during 2012. That said we could see in 2013 the full 15M carriage savings hit the bottom line. EBIDTA is looking pretty good in a projection for 2013 even if there is no revenue growth (which I believe there will be revenue growth). This will, if it happens improve the book value by at least .35 to .40 for the year. Now this leads me to think stronger that the company should get to profitability in 2013 depending on the spending habits of management. I think it would be in the best interest of management to pursue shareholder value in 2013 and then return to the growth side in 2014. They (KS and Team) need to prove something to wall street and the share holders this year.

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    • mr.trump..r u shorting this have been holding all this time..i must say,you have a lot of insight on this co...its too bad none has come to disrespect,but just a question that came to of luck to you either way

      • 1 Reply to waynenegrin
      • No, not shorting nor anymore insight then the average guy watches this company, but I did pick up more shares at 1.69. Anything I have said I have always said is JMHO. I do believe that the numbers and the activity of the last couple of years to:

        1. Improve the product mix
        2. partner with big brand stores
        3. pay off the preferred
        4. Add new channels and improve channel positioning
        5. fix the electronics issue
        6. rework the carriage contracts for a savings of 15M per year.

        To me this is very significant. But remember a message board is opinion and no more. I too wish you well.