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  • trumpace trumpace Feb 4, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    New 52 week high

    We see VVTV today bust through the 52 week high to 2.95 then pull back. All this in a down market. IMHO I think this pull back from the new high today in VVTV will be short lived and by the end of the day, if the trend acts the way it has when VVTV trades this way, we could see it back to around the 2.95 level. We have broken the range today and if we can hold over the old 52 week high we could see a further run to around 3.20-3.29 range. That is my chart at least but it really comes down to KS and Team delivering good results to help move the pps further and then to continue too throughout 2013. As you have noticed I have not been recommending a buy on VVTV since it moved up from the 1.70 level reason being I need to see if management comes through and what they say at the CC if anything toward the rest of the year. That said, I do still think on a peer review bases VVTV is still cheap, but for good reason, being they need to prove themselves and that should come in Q4 and more so Q1. If not we go back once more. The positive one would think is with the insider activity gong on this past month but remember we did have this before and then a pull back (remember when they bought when the stock was trading in the 8's). IMHO this could be an exciting time for VVTV's history especially if they show profitability some time this year. It is all in KS and Teams trusting hands to move this story to the next chapter and finally end this chapter of the book.

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    • Previous Intense Insider Buying , You tell me ? Let me see I work for this company and I buy more shares of what I have already. Just have to stick it out there will be profit taking along the way but depending how they do on there earnings call in 5 or 6 weeks one would expect it to be very very good with all this insider buying. Look at the facts forget about all the emotion. Intense Insider buying People. Good look to all Shorts and Longs.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Mr. Trump,

      "VVTV is still cheap, but for good reason" truer words spoken. The same management team who's actions moved the pps to the $8's are also responsible for the cliff dive that moved the pps to $1.41.

      I for one, can not stomach any more cliff dives.....and VVTV is a world class cliff diver!

      Q4/FY 2013 Results should be released in 5 or 6 weeks. Those results will be looking backward. I am interested in the forward view and whether the $15M savings in carriage remains intact or has been spent on 'better channel position' or 'an HD channel' or some other scheme to transfer EBITDA from VVTV to the MSO's and/or Comcast. That forward view also requires the resurrection of the 3-5 year collective to grow topline to some number north of $585M and to grow EBITDA to some % north of 2.5%.

      Let's see if KS & Team can deliver the above or if there will be more excuses!

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      • mar, you mean 2012 Vs "2013" I'm sure. As for the 3 or 5 year plan I do not care if they have a plan or not. It is more important to deliver real results in the end. I think they get themselves in trouble albeit to much trouble as far as the pps is involved, by having either to low of plan or too high of a plan so they'd be better off not to go down that path again and let the results speak for themselves. I do think they should give preliminary results two weeks ahead like other companies do and then beat the number, this seems to be the norm on wall street IMHO.