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  • waynenegrin waynenegrin Feb 5, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    i wonder

    last year s quarter...147 mil....analyst estimates this
    year quarter..157 mil low end..will we even match the 147 mill...let alone the 10 mill increase..what will happen to pps if we fail to
    even match low rev estimates..or is it just to beat last years quarter..i just don't see the 10 mill increase..product mix hasn't been that great the last 3 mos..anyone???

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    • Relax. Do you think with all the inventory they had on hand that sales were not ok ? Not great perhaps but better than LY for sure. We had some electronics inventory and we sold a lot of watches based on the airtime devoted to them. Jewelry has been decent for sometime now. The sales are out there all they have to do is go get them. I think the sales are going to be ok in comparison to the year before. Directors and insiders buying at least the key guys did. Why would they buy if they were not going to meet expectations ? They already had a good stake. McGrath is my key along with Keith. They made a nice pass at the buffet.Going to go past $5 unless the $2 buyers all bail at the $4 range. No real problem as there will be a rush of new investors if the numbers are encouraging. I know they have been serial disappointers in the recent past but this time it is different.

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    • If we have only $147 million in sales, we will know that VVTV had close to 0 sales in the last two weeks of the quarter after KS bought his 100,000 shares. Unlikely, I suspect...

    • Why do you think there has been Quote on Quote " Intense Insider Buying" The people that work for the company speak Volumes. They know what is going on , Not us the analyst but the people that actually work for this Company. No insider selling Just buying and Intense buying at that. There will come a time to sell , hopefully at the high. Time will tell sit tight and wait to pull the trigger but not now.

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      • We see a down day for VVTV so far on an up day in the market. We see low volume so far compared with days VVTV was up. IMHO this is just another sign that wall street is not even looking at VVTV and on a day that LINTA is acting the way it is. But again VVTV has had run up a lot on a percentage bases the past few weeks so a bit of a pull back is good for the chart. Nothing goes straight up. I will say this, when the institutions come back to VVTV it should be pretty interesting on the movement of the pps. This could happen with the Q4 earnings announcement or we may have to wait for further proof by KS and Team delivering a very good Q1. All JMHO.

    • Keep in mind that last Q4, 147m was because of the electronics issue. IMHO 157 is very reasonable, 161M more likely.