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  • retailexecutive retailexecutive Feb 6, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Chief Culture officer

    Really ? Really ? I thought that was the CEO responsibility. Somebody has read a new book. Please read a new book on Marketing . Get a strategy to develop more sales and profit and the employee base will be fully engaged with unbridled enthusiasm. I want the old Keith back in charge .

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    • VP of Culture is either A) a way to ease someone out of the organization or B) and incredible waste of time and company money. Or maybe C), both.

    • Mr Retail,

      Other than KS non-involvement in the investor conferences....what else is he not involved in?

      Also this Ministry of Culture thing is appropriately HR in my opinion.

      "One way to do this is to bring someone into the C-Suite whose job it is to keep an eye on culture. The best-known example of this approach is Google (GOOG), which added "chief culture officer" to head of HR Stacy Sullivan's job title in 2006. Part of her job is to protect key parts of Google's scrappy, open-source cultural core as the company has evolved into a massive multinational."

      AMZN and others do this.

      Maybe we are positioned to be take over by GOOG or AMZN (I wish) LOL

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      • same people + same culture. It is not that it is wrong but this is so over the top that the jokes by the coffee pot stations can be heard through out the building. Keith was always a make it happen guy . Now that he has become a seasoned CEO he has become so professional working through the channels nothing gets done. In Germany he threw them out the window if they did not get it done. Not saying right or wrong. Just saying very different. I guess Bob Ayd has been such a ig aid in the merchandise and sales development he can focus on other issues. I like him and respected him that is why I bought. I was must better off when I doubled my money on my first investment campaign here. . The second has not been near as good. Will it be ? Yes but the secret sauce has no chef.imo

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