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  • trumpace trumpace Aug 21, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    two penny loss 4M EBIDTA 149M Rev

    there you have it remember consider the pmt to NBCU then it is not bad

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    • Now if we consider the one time charges then this should be considered good news. JMHO now on to Q3. When considering also that many retailers are not doing that good and VVTV grows rev by 10% I have to say we are doing pretty good. I am not that surprised at the loss as when I considered the Fee paid to NBCU in the quarter I just couldn't get to a profit unless I removed it. Best I was hoping for was break even to a penny loss but that was the best I could get too. Two pennies loss, I am not worried at all about but you have to like the EBIDTA and Revenue numbers for the Q.

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      • I've gone over the numbers and conference call a few times and I gotta say I feel like everything is in a fantastic place. I don't get the afterhours confusing reaction. Sure the volume is so small it's not a good indication of what tomorrow may bring. But the revenue growth, EBIDTA, increased customer base and retention...the team seems to be in full control and achieving their goals and continually improving key areas for growth. As TrumpAce has explained, the (.02) per share becomes a profit if not for the final payment to end ShopNBC. Hopefully the Street sees the most important stats just like after Q4 (revenue growth, EBIDTA) and we don't have silliness due to a tiny decrease of EPS compared to estimates (but still .06 better than last year even with the ShopNBC payout). If they could have managed the .01 profit, this thing would have exploded like a rocket ship immediately, I'd think. As it stands, the numbers justify some big moves up again before the Q3 report. Sure would be nice if the big players keep accumulating and push it up to the magic double digits before Q3...I really feel it should be up in the $10-15 range to be fairly priced based on the numbers. Thoughts?

      • nothing wrong with the numbers but some business trends should be discussed on the conference call:
        1. a huge decline in the average price point
        2. Internet sales penetration is down from last quarter
        3. Mobile volume is flat from last quarter