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  • pure_baloney pure_baloney Jul 17, 2014 1:38 PM Flag

    VVTV: IF YOU WORK AT VVTV, look for a better job at a real company. Stop getting ripped off.

    For those employed by VVTV, here is some friendly advice: stop working for a company like this. VVTV has been run to enrich the top 7 management positions by grossly overpaying them for pitiful performance, while underpaying the employees who operate the nuts and bolts of the company. The salary structure at this company has been to award executives for incompetence and rip off the hardworking people who operate the company.

    What sort of company hires management that never shows up for work and lives thousands of miles away?
    VVTV is most surely not a worker friendly environment. Low pay for everyone but the retread QVC slugs who spent that last 5 years milking the company dry and forcing everyone else to forgo raises or even a living wage.

    If you work at VVTV and are not an overpaid QVC retread, about to be fired or to "retire", then you have been ripped off by management focused entirely on feathering its own nest at the expense of everyone else.

    Face the facts about what sort of company VVTV is and find a job at a company that actually treats employees fairly. Stewart, Ayd, McGrath, Steinberg, and the rest of the QVC retread slugs are walking away with money that should have been in your pockets.

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    • Sounds like a lot of venom. Be careful you do not bite your tongue in one of these outrages. You would die faster than from a Bamboo viper. The gang had their moment and certainly when they knew they were in danger they allowed if not directly encouraged the board to increase their compensation to unrealistic and certainly in the current environment of "equality " whatever that is they do stand out.
      The retreads did some things very well and no doubt saved the company from a disaster early on. I would agree that their idea bank of potent ammunition was running dangerously low and was not being replenished. Bozek hopefully is the fresh ammunition and will provide the better sharpshooters with a new opportunity. The ones who can't find the target range will soon be gone imho. The question is when is the new play book going to be put into play ? So far nothing new has been revealed but it is still early. Stewart is gone but there are still 24 hours in the day with 1268- 1296 minutes a day ( ammo ) to shoot at an improved VPM . This is it folks the simple idea of productivity being generated through improved sales ? margin per minute rather than cost cuts . That low hanging fruit is gone with the possible exception of distribution costs which while we have had some nice reductions it is far from proven that the reinvestment of a share of those savings in better channel positions has been negligible. Serious challenge for Bozek is to decide who on the rifle range looks skilled enough to go to combat . A lot of business books and articles have been devoted to this subject.

      The winners get the best athletes and put them in their best position and focus on the targeted goals. I wonder how many people at the lower and mid level of the organization actually know what the war is about let alone the objectives ?