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  • mw97_97 mw97_97 Dec 5, 1997 5:02 PM Flag

    The downfall of the Vision

    What ever happened to the kindler and gentler Valuevision? Back in the days of Frank Keenan, Eddy Nelson, Ed Deutch and not to forget Shannon Smith. Remember when Frank would sometimes swear on the air? Who cares if a little money and merchandise was
    missing? Nobody because the stock was trading at $14. Don't you miss the wacky antics of Jack Richter and the outrageous comedy of Tim Temple. Where, where is Mike Sullivan when we need him the most? Maybe J.B. Eckert can use his magic to turn the company around. Hows about a cooking show with Susan Rey??? I'd like to see Michele Murphy sell auto parts. Her picture is on the cover of a catalog. Why, why don't we see Steve Sedahl anymore on TV. I here his voice but I never see his face anymore.
    Whatever happened to Jim Zons. Something about a gorilla mask and a can of spam. Now that guy could sell. although he was no Bill Gale. I miss Wendy T. Boy could she talk fast. Maybe if we close our eyes and think rea real hard we can go back to those kindler gentler days when the stock was at least - oh I'd be happy to see $4.00 again

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    • I believe that the person who wrote this message is also a former dis-grunted Valuevision employee or a crazed fan of Carmella, Steve Sedahl, Jim Zons, and Shannon Smith.
      Even if you clicked your heels three times and "There's no place like VVTV" it still won't be back up over 4 for another year or so. Thanks for the memories Chosey.