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  • wannywanzel wannywanzel Apr 8, 1998 11:33 AM Flag

    VVTV - NM Merger

    This is for all the VVTV shareholders that voted against the proposed merger with NM and who also gave notice of their
    intent to exercise dissenter's rights. We should begin the process of organizing a potential class action suit which may be
    required to get an "acceptable" fair value for our shares. I am wondering if Michael Blake and Brian Danzis are willing to coordinate
    this activity? I personally know several shareholders that are willing to pool their resources in an effort to get "fair value"
    for their shares. Are there other shareholders out there that feel the same way?

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    • Congrats to all on getting the shareholder meeting postponed. This can only be good news for VVTV shareholders. Nice volume
      today on the stock too, I'd be curious how much of the volume came in the last 45 minutes or so after the announcement. I'm also
      curious about what the vote would have been, but we'll probably never find that information out. Recall that VVTV was trading in the
      five area before rumors of the merger pushed it down to where it is now. Absent a merger, we may be able to push this thing back
      to the 5 area by year end or shortly thereafter. (If these guys can ever figure out how to turn revenues into earnings per

      P.S. Mr. Diller, are you watching? There some assets over here.