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  • Time_to_Recover Time_to_Recover Dec 23, 1998 9:05 AM Flag

    Excuse the impatience

    of my last 2 posts. Mr. Mac & Co know what they are doing and will act at the correct time.

    Right? Absolutely! You can bet on it! That's correct and that's true folks!


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    • Since you are the guru of VVTV, that causes one
      to think that you may know the answer to your

      In the spirit of the Holidays however, I will give
      you an answer that may be correct: Jon Thom (prior
      work at FHT included; the webmaster
      may be Mr. Sedahl (and he was a one man show as late
      as October).

      Prior posts on this board have
      noted that is in need of work...or is it a
      work-in-progress?? Would presume that VV's plans regarding
      I-strategy are directly related to the look/links of in the future. Of the 20,000 daily impressions
      made at this site...wonder how many people buy
      anything? wonder how many people click thru to related
      sites? wonder how many people watch VV 'live'?

      a VVTV guru...maybe you can offer some
      information...instead of questions!?


    • TTR,

      I read your posts quite frequently,
      and enjoy the speculation that goes on here. If Mr.
      Mac is reading, I want to emphasize the importance to
      some of us that he make whatever plans, internet or
      otherwise, known to the investment community as soon as
      possible....some of us manage money for a living (like me), and
      are measured on calendar year-end performance. It
      would do me, and others, a world of good if positive
      news is released prior to 12/31 market close, so that
      we get paid THIS YEAR on the upward stock

      It would also be nice if good news came out in
      January, but the timing of such news wouldn't do me any
      good for this year. Sorry this sounds so selfish, but
      that's the hard truth for those of us professionals. So
      get on with it, Mr. Mac!!!

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      • Glad you find the board is
        certainly speculative...but I hope the speculation has some
        logic/truth to it.

        Mr. Mac advised he was looking
        forward to spending time in Q4 on updates and discussing
        the direction of our company via conf calls with
        shareholders and financial institutions. He is committed to
        improving investor relations.

        For those of us who
        want to 'get on with something' in 1998...the reality
        is that VVTV Q4 is not over until 1/31/99.

        suppose it is safe to presume that we will hear something
        from VVTV on or before 1/29/99. (that is last business
        day of the month)

        Sure hope we hear something
        this year...if not today...maybe next week....for all
        of our self-interests.

        Out of
        curiosity...does the money you manage have a small(less than
        25,000s); medium(less than 100,000s) or large(>
        100,000s) interest in VVTV?


    • Speaking for myself, I'm very anxious at this
      point. I wouldn't call it impatience. Mac said in a
      previous post that he was restricted from buying stock.
      Speaking from a Spock point of view, it seems only logical
      that he might also be restricted from divulging any
      pertinent information with regards to the stock. When
      something does come out, I believe it is going to be big.
      At least that's what you would expect from somebody
      that has their roots founded as a Marketing Advocate.