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  • sagewisdom sagewisdom Dec 25, 1998 4:09 PM Flag

    Quiet before the storm....

    Nag, nag, nag.... Still no marketing/promotional
    hype from management. Not even a peep about holiday
    sales this year. (Unlike competitors QVC & SAH that
    earlier announced record holiday results.)

    I find
    Shop at Home's stock rise and volume most puzzling. In
    my opinion, they're not in ValueVision's league when
    it comes to product quality, on-air presentation or
    management expertise. Nevertheless, they've somehow been
    able to captivate the masses with nothing more than
    E-Commerce hype. Shop at Home, despite a well touted
    longevity, has long been considered a joke in the cable
    industry. SAH investors apparently laughing all the way to
    the bank with the recent upswing. On the other hand,
    they certainly have done a better job marketing and
    promoting their company. (I wonder why we can't see a AP
    news story about THIS company???)

    suspicious "low profile" pertaining to marketing their TV
    shopping business, coupled with little or no E-Commerce
    hype, is very unnerving. I'll echo sentiments from
    others on this board that there must be BIG NEWS coming
    down the pike....

    As a side note, VV airing
    taped "sales" today, unlike competitors airing music,
    public service announcements, etc. I suppose every
    dollar helps, though a day off on X-mas might be a nice

    Happy Holidays from sunny Florida!

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    • Is it normal for a hsn like VV to be doing as
      much clearance as they are doing at this time of

      Also, I think that VV programming for X-Mas was taped
      delayed with the hope that most VV employees had the day

      Does the new automatic ordering system which VV is
      tauting make a difference?

      Noticed that VV was
      supposed to be live at 7AM EST today....also noted that was not live as of 12/26/98, 12N. I guess TV and
      Web have different definitions of

      Something is brewing with VV...we will see...and hope