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  • EuclidAve EuclidAve Dec 29, 1998 4:44 AM Flag

    Interesting Press Release

    Pre-Christmas home shpping sales up 50%.

    Old management would have said something like year to
    year gross sales are expected to fall by 20%.

    But who cares if it is window dressing. It is the way
    the game is played and it's a job that has to be
    done. I'm glad to see that the new management
    understands this.

    I think it is great that they got
    mentioned on CNBC and believe that it will open higher. But
    for myself I have some questions about this increase.

    For example, FTE's are up 20% from last year so one
    would expect an increase in year to year home shopping
    sales. How much did these additional FTE's cost?

    It's promising that the growth in sales outpaced the
    increase in FTE's but how agressive was the merchandise

    Does this increase mean we will have a
    profitable operating quarter?

    Can these increases be

    Oh well, who in this market cares about such
    matters. They got mentioned on CNBC.