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  • cabos_tacos cabos_tacos Jan 19, 1999 10:27 AM Flag

    Guy's, don't shoot yourself in the foot.

    wallstreet wreck. this is a good co. why dont you
    sell, and move on to another get rich scam. it is
    frustrating, watching all these other stocks rise, while vvtv
    seems stuck in the sand, but patience will be rewarded.
    great comment, worth repeating [dont anyone shoot your
    foot]. so bye-bye wstwreck. good luck. youll need it.we
    here dont depend on luck, just the

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    • precipitated a nice little sell-off. Goodbye
      week hands. You people ought to thank me. That last
      somebody wrote about "don't sell now, sell later"
      got to me. See i'd really rather see those people out
      of our
      stock sooner..and i'm glad to speed up the
      this stock is only going higher now. It will never
      look back.