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  • i hope prime, ttr, bost etc. have not sold. that
    would be a bad sign, but this is the first time in over
    a month that ive heard such silence. what do i
    think? yea, i know, who cares, right? i cant find
    anything anywhere as to why we are seeing the stock act so
    neg. these last couple of days. it is true that when
    there is so much selling its easy to forget that it has
    gone up in the last couple of weeks, gone up quite
    nicely as a matter of fact. so hears what i think.......
    i think that alot of selling is by people who for
    whatever reason have lost patience and have grown
    accustomed to rapid rises in stock prices. dont you think it
    would be interesting to see what % of the 4,000,000,or
    so shares being traded on the sath page are actually
    people who were holding vvtv. i mean the anouncement is
    coming out manana.RIGHT? so i am not going to freak out,
    yet. any thoughts on this would be appreciated. signed

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    • lets sit back and imagine that that vol. was
      vvtvers jumping ship. What irony,if for the rest of this
      week, vvtv climbs steadily as sath steadily declines.
      We will have a bunch of bald headed (from pulling
      their hair out) former fellow posters crying REAL-TEARS
      in their pablum!!

      • 2 Replies to levirdln95
      • We had a bad day. Mark my words, there will be
        others. IMHO if you look at the stock in about four weeks
        (that's a year when daytrading) this stock price will be
        ancient history. Stock has too much going for it and
        management is waiting for the proper time to capitalize on
        the oppurtunity. The stock did need to come back off
        it's high of 12.75 to find a new base & gather some
        more momentum for an upward trend.
        Prime, VV, TTR
        what is your take on the delay of the IPO. Is it
        posturing by Paulsen, a buyout of NAVR possible, or just
        regular SEC crap? Euclid, maybe your insider will know?
        You all understand that I never trusted this man in
        the first place, no matter what Mac says about him.
        Pretendicu, I am pleased to read that you will no longer be
        posting. You should probably sell either one of your
        houses or your boat, and take a course in elementary
        grammar. Your whining today was reprehensible and made me
        want to BARF!!!

      • We're Atlanta?

        ANNOUNCER: "John Elway,
        you've just won your second consecutive Super Bowl, what
        are you going to do now?"

        JOHN ELWAY: "I'm
        calling my broker to buy more SATH!!!!"

        face it gang, the sun's shining bright on SATH while
        VVTV is still mired in a dense fog. Today, I shake my
        head in amazement and utter a few select profanities.
        A touch of envy...Yes, I suppose.

        now, SATH is a lot like a beautiful showgirl. In the
        spotlight, a little wild and a little out of control.
        Everyone's lusting for her. Is she for real or is it just
        the bright lights, makeup and a Wonder

        VVTV, on the other hand, is quiet and unassuming. Well
        bred, multi-faceted, a woman of substance with a lot of
        potential. Which gal do YOU want to take home to

        I know, I know..... the one in the low cut blouse
        is looking dam nice today!!!

    • I can assure you that prime,ttr,and bos.,haven't
      sold...this is something i know!I for one took advantage of
      these low prices and bought more!don't you see when
      oppotunity is knocking? Hold on to your faith in this
      company and stock,and you will be richly
      me i know what i'm saying!I wouldn't be a bit
      surprised if hab,ttr,prime and others that have done their
      homework--got in on this advantage!There are things going on
      behind the scenes right now!!! As for the sellers today
      they were most likely the shorts! so keep your
      cool,ok,and have faith!WE WILL RISE UP SOON....GJEWELS

    • There will be a SATH announcement Wednesday AM (according to Bloomberg). Is this what you mean?

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