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  • jlg5385 jlg5385 Jan 13, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    lost both legs in nam - how can anyone invet there????

    bad memories of this country - many buds lost

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    • They call it the AMERICAN WAR over there.... Ho Chi Minh is a national hero...he was always more of a confuscious follower than a marxist...he was a nationalist...he wanted to unite a divided Vietnam...he hated the Chinese, the French and finally the Amercans for invading and abusing their people...all who fought and died over there were duped by our politicians...they are the real enemy of the world... The Soviet Union was a willing party to help he took the help...Truman rejected his request for help in throw the French colonialists out....the rest is history...

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      • Everything you state is historically correct. Ho Chi Minh did come here for help before turning to the USSR. But, the men and women who followed their consciences to SE Asia in the 1960's, like you and me and millions more who marched in the streets demanding an end to the war, stood up for what they believed to be right. As you say, they were not at fault, but our Gov't. To this day, I apologize to any Viet Nam Vet I meet. Not for protesting, but for blaming them 45 years ago, and by doing so adding to the schisms that divided our nation. There is nothing but admiration to be had for those who stand up for their beliefs. I stood up for mine by doing all I could to fight an unjust war. I'll never apologize for that, but I take my hat off to those who served our country, whether or not I agree with them. Thank You Veterans.

    • I am very sorry. I lost my dear father. I miss him so so much, daily.

    • thoughts are with you and those I lost, too . . . all war sucks and I have yet to hear a valid reason for being in Nam or the middle east . . . there are more innocent than guilty in war . . .

    • It was a terrible situation for young men to be in and a ill-thought-out war, proving that lives are too valuable to be left up to ideological battles. The dehumanization of both sides, in order to kill, leaves one aghast in horror. So too, the mindless battles over hills that have no value, and soldiers dying for nothing. Trained in war and to follow orders, but going into a suicide mission for no purpose whatsoever was insane for anyone. Such missions as cruise boats on the Mekong, where 80% of the crews were killed in action, makes one pause to think about the leadership involved. Sending young men off to surely die for what?

    • If you're serious, very sorry for your loss. However we have to move on. Remember we did terrible things to their country as well.

    • They've got some bad memories of us, too. But we invest in Japan and Germany as well. Peace follows war. Peace was what the sacrifice was for.....or so they say.

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