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  • diamondntherruf diamondntherruf Mar 4, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    todays action

    Investors do not fret...down on small volume--and up on big volume--a bullish indicator.

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    • i like your actual NON PUMPING & sane posts. action is good, a pull back is in order, but on small volume means no one is running for the hills except the weak hands.

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    • i----diot! Like the real investors "fret"? Yea, maybe if you are a genius and listen to the disgruntled bashers (ja_mcsw/taffy/jlance/daniel) who have NO CLUES JUST SCARS due to their own lack of analytical skills. So you can S....T...F....U, because we current smart investors did our analysis and know, based on ALL of the positive recent quarterly stats, trending oof of that, the insudtry itself, the ever-exploding revenues, the ever-decreasing expenses. We use fundamentals and analysis. Not a daily resulting PPS. Nor looking at the past years (like the geniuses ja_mcsw/taffy/jlance/daniel) which are IRRELEVANT since they have now shed all of their non-core businesses, cleaned up their financials (now profitable & CF positive), and have a Finance-minded CEO. Darn I'm sorry for confusing those above-mentioned idsgruntled bashers with actual stats, facts, & logic....ah hahahahaha

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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