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  • jl.meyers jl.meyers Jul 5, 2009 2:57 PM Flag

    Smells like fraud

    Why should a company dilute its stock with the issue of 20% or more new shares issued BELOW market/book value?

    Why did the company not file this directly to Nasdaq? Only after the regulators warning this was filled.

    Seems these pig guys tried to perform some white coloured fraud. They are obviously not good at it.

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    • You're a fraud.
      This is ancient "non-news".
      You are a classic basher and oh so obvious.

      Dutch boy indeed, go stick your finger in a dyke.

    • Why is every negative comment contributed to mr DOW?

      I am certainly not him. I am a guy from Holland. You should be able to tell the difference between a native speaker/writer and a foreigner.

      Do that well and then try to judge a company. :)
      It is a whole lot more difficult. Not every company is so easy to unmask as FEED. (I had to look up unmask. Almost the same as in dutch language :) )

      I have a small position in FEED. But that was before I discovered this great dilution of stock and the way they tried to deal with that. Had i known this earlier, I would not have bought the stock.

      My advice is to buy chinese stocks that have major american shareholders.
      Like NPD, CMED, CTRIP.
      These shareholders have some influence on the level of dilution.

    • Yes Dow, nice segway to your next post.
      You are slipping, too obvious.