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  • mfugly mfugly May 21, 2010 11:20 AM Flag

    Alright, maybe the storm is over

    for now?

    The next leg is stability. Will the markets allow this correction to stick?

    Personally, I'm not so convinced but, sub $3 could be a good position if you able to ride out the bumps ahead. Sub $2 could be coming as the Euro steadies but the peoplerally in dispute such as in Romania the other day.

    Retirement accounts in socialist countries are being cut in half to help meet the austerity plan but, the people are livid.

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    • Not ready to pull the trigger yet?
      What is your target entry price?

      • 1 Reply to kcajsnikrep
      • I woke up this moring to a filled order that I had previously set sub $3

        For now it's all I own and I have no other orders GTC at this time.

        Over the weekend and the rest of today I will be researching hoping to be able to make some sense of it all. NO way I can make total sense of it but I at least hope to identify and come up with yet another analysis based on current market trends and reactions.

        Even as we set in uncharted waters giving up on understanding it all, or as much as possible is a sure fire way to lose.


    • Agree with you on some points, Tim G going to Europe to prepare a major news release with political leaders, similar scenario happened last March when financial stocks crashed Fri and got a >30% explosion per Sunday’s news.

      Chinese market led the rebound last night (though it's the only leader) – a typical reversal action with big open down gap. This morning CGA led Chinese Agr sector take the same action, it’s always my beloved Chinese stock (a handsome pony). FEED has quite different character; it could make you rich too (either short or long), only a little bit greasyJ, but really it could be a market hero (just don’t know when).