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  • gavalisg gavalisg Apr 11, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    feed's 1st Q ER -0.23 LOSS


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    • whats the difference what Q1 loss is?? This company is DONE...100% BK FRAUD...why are people posting on this board anymore, just for fun?? Or are people having delusional fantasies that this is a viable company hahaha????? Pretty funny.

    • And I say .23 profit.
      See, I can do it too.
      Schwab has no clue what Q1 is.
      I doubt Feed even knows. Isn't that part of the reason why were in the position?
      Even if there was a -.23 loss, it wouldn't be because of operations I'm sure, but more so from having to pay these incompetant auditing firms and attorneys, and the award to hormel.

      And in true mathematical terms doesn't a double negative make a postitive. Shouldn't Schwab had said a .23 cent loss or just -.23 earnings?

      So maybe it really is a profit of .23 for Q1.

      A guy can dream, right?

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      • AKS Steel has an earnings of -9.16, or 3X their share value, and yet they still move vaguely parallel to better steel companies. Earnings alone explains little, except insofar as it deviates from expectations -- or surprises greatly. If a company lost less that the previous year or quarter, that's called progress.

        There were about 1.3 MILLION shares short as of end of March, and I'm wondering if any of those short sellers may be attempting to influence our thinking on this forum. With volumes of 50K/day, it will take them a month to cover. A lot can happen in a month. LONGS can only lose 10 more cents from here, but SHORTS could lose a lot with any sudden improvement. We could see 40 cents before it's all said and done. At least theoretically.

        I had dealings with Schwab once: It turned out the broker was using a false identity, and 3 of the 4 people at Schwab I had to deal with to try to solve the problems caused by the broker's malfeasance, had felony histories. No, I don't think anything that anyone at Schwab has to say should be trusted any farther than one can throw one's shoe.

      • When they get everything clear this company will run! goodluck,long time feed investor...