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  • elmojitogatico elmojitogatico Apr 15, 2010 9:06 PM Flag

    Dark Energy and Dark Matter

    Hired cad mad the magpie to tell all small fry I aye rye

    Dicey mice recalls forger of calculus perfecto duck forgot us
    What a flounder fey whereas rounder

    Wings of the fabulous sang silly little kitty in city
    As it goes ridiculous flows with what glows

    Zeros sways to the sound of Luvs claims bad for zeroed
    On sale all hale

    Free shakes of monkeys tail from flail snail on bail
    Caboose crane hoops the goose for going foot loose
    Sure all those in the flow with crower all use hair blower

    Girly cow moos coaly yes brown eye owl coos royally
    More sails yell the whales

    Whistling redone feathers folds too many holes

    After much work fowl was toweled on dowel
    Fowls howl lets orchestrate dragoon raccoons demonstrate
    Black birds play flutes hams beryl play the dupes

    Time runs so slow dilation gaticos say rex next next station

    Flab mad tells cab catch the retch before frogeyes fetch

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