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  • hubcap1234_00 hubcap1234_00 Sep 27, 2005 11:35 AM Flag

    Time Table

    What is the time table for resolution of the
    Union activity one way or the other? Anyone

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    • John, I'll try to answer your question for you.
      At the beginning of a union campaigne , we need cards signed to show the NLRB that there is an interest, and what percentage. If there is a vote, and the union is voted in, only then can you join. Signing a card does not make you a union member.
      Next comes the contract. Hopefully its a good one and everyone agrees with it. The union members vote on it. And its ratified.

      If for any reason, let me add that its rare, there is a strike. The union workers have to vote on it first, then if its voted on to go out, we have to get the go ahead from the IBEW before we could do it. And thats not always easy.

      You, not being a union member, would not be required, or asked to go out on strike.
      That was a damn good question, and its one that is bothering a lot of people, I know.
      Bottom line is that signing the 'card' does not make you a union member. People have to join only after the union is voted in. If there is no union in place, there is nothing to join.

    • Behind those shirts you stands hundreds of people. You and you band of na-sayers are in the minority your just to stupid to relize it.
      That just shows how much you know.

    • Here's the face rassi9999 at 65% the IBEW can ask for a UNION,but the company can and will decline causeing a vote. So once again you are an idiot you don't know what your talking about. Now what does that make you ?? huh
      duh ,hehe your such a putz

    • Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Especial when you are that union shirt! Talk about your clowns, LOL.

      I am a Worker! No Bozo you are a Shirker!
      I demand a voice! More like you demand to Whine!

      What�s the matter did those mean nasty facilitators give you 0% raise because you failed to do your job? Jeez what has it been 3 or 4 years in a row now? Imagine that! Those fussy facilitators actually expect you to work for your wages! What is this World coming to?

      Ok the reason I am here is because you keep on trying to be sneaky and there you go again trying to be sneaky once more? It is funny how you guys manage to forget all those other minor little facts when they are not convenient or it will not make you look good.
      Sorry I know for a fact that there is a default % number of signed cards that allows you Bozo's to come in and just take over with no Vote.

      For the sake of argument I will double check my information because you have raised the Question. You see unlike you I do try to be accurate with the information that I share with people. It's this thing I have about keeping my reputation for honesty.

    • Sorry Rasasi, you have your facts mixed up. NLRB requires 30% of singned cards to indicate enough interest to generate an election, We're going for a higher percentage to insure a more positive reaction for a vote. To win an election, we must have 50% plus 1 vote. Next time listen at the union meetings.
      And believe me, we welcome a vote, especially now.
      Remember this, however many green shirts you saw today, thats only the tip of the iceberg. We're doing a lot better than you think.
      So glad you're doing so well with your reviews, and being topped out. You truly are a performer, but the kind that should be in the circus, wearing a big red nose!
      You seem to be in this webpage a lot, are you trying for a Pulitzer prize? I'm afraid you'll not make it with your insightful journalistic achievements posted here. You fall way short on factual content.

    • Oh Bilge Boy that is to Rich!
      It looks like the only brain around here on overload is yours. You will really have to do better than this. A little friendly advice, when you find your self in a hole, stop digging!

      As for the Pay and Benefits yes I "like to like to" accept them. In the time I have worked for Collins I have been promoted four times and damn near maxed out on all my raises. I do not have any issues with a Merit based pay system because I am a performer.

    • Right, and surely the 3 I saw were some of the same folks you saw.

      Thanks for the card signing info. Keep up the good work. :-)

    • Not even 20
      I only counted 7 or 8 green shirts on both 1st and 2nd shift

    • Sorry Pixel that is not the way it works.

      If less than 30% do not sign card then No Vote and no Union. If 51% sign cards then the IBEW can petition the NLRB for default representation, no Vote. Only if the signed card numbers turn out to be between 30% and 50% is there a Vote! That is why they are pushing so hard to get people to sign cards, To the NLRB that is your legal registered vote of Yes for a union. The sneaky part is they forget to mention that 51% part and push for as many cards as they can get, because they do not really want a vote either. If they can sucker enough people into signing then they are just in, No Vote they just take over.

    • So Pixel.......tomorrow I'm going to go to work and see what? Hundreds of red shirts and union buttons on everyone?

      Doubt it. You sound more like a band of about 20 (if that many) disgruntled employees that really should have left a long time ago.

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