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  • johns_planet johns_planet Sep 28, 2005 9:37 PM Flag

    Time Table

    What legal rights are you talking about? Signing a card only means that you would like to see this go to a vote, it doesn't mean you're buying a car or a house, or that they can come and take away your first born!
    You sound like you're afraid for it to go to a vote, it just may prove you wrong. And ineffective. No ones being sneeky or underhanded, except management, that is.


    Ok , try and stay with me here ...... PRETEND , that your Union was somehow voted in ..I HAVEN'T signed a "Card" ....Therefore , if YOU guys decide to strike ( a whole different rant) , I'll still be at work supporting my family and paying my obligations ....YOU have signed the "Card" ...YOU do what YOUR majority tells YOU to do .....YOU stay out as long as , well , as long as you HAVE to.....That "signing" gamble might be good for you ...fine ..but not for me.

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