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  • the_label_printer the_label_printer Dec 19, 2005 10:11 PM Flag

    Already Union?

    I just wanted to share something I thought was rather hilarious. A friend that used to work at Rockwell, until her retirement, called me the other day and told me that Rockwell was Unionized on December 2nd. After laughing my head off she told me that someone that is still working at Rockwell told her that. She also informed me that the reason we received the "Cost of Living Raise", "Merit Raise" and the extremely "Generous IPP Payout" was because we were Union now.
    Of course I told her she needed to call her "so called friend" and set her straight. First off if we were ALREADY Unionized we would have gotten a big fat "ZERO" for our IPP payout. Also all of the Employees doing the same type of work would have gotten exactly the same raise. I can tell you mine was higher than some and I am sure lower than some. Point is.... We received that Generous IPP payout from working our tails off and also working together as a team to get the job done. It's a shame that a few Union Wanna Be's are causing tension and grief among the rest of us who really care about our jobs and where we work.
    However, all this Union stuff aside, I do wish everyone a Very Safe and Happy Holiday!!

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    • Excuse me? "Most of what we feel is pretty"? or petty?

      I'm guessing "petty". Too much crap to read since the holidays....I gave up over a week ago.

      But do still feel, the union is not needed here. And if you really think the union mentality is warranted? Better check back in with the poor schmucks at Boeing, who've been on strike now for what?.....oh weeks and weeks, with no end in sight. Bet it was a wonderful holiday season for them and their lucky families.

      Another fine example of the union at work.

    • Gosh, a bunch of you need to read Dickens. Same-o. Same-o.

      Though you guys are trying to take us back to 1850's in England, in the U.S. we changed clear back in the 1920's and the law has stated that folks who are facing sweat shop conditions need not go elsewhere, where they will receive the same sweat shop conditions, they have the right to form unions and attempt to better conditions.

      Are you guys products of the public school systems, or what?

      Most of what you really feel is pretty

    • Actually RC leases the LAND from the Melbourne Airport Authority - I think a 99 year lease arrangement. But the buildings were put in place with Rockwell Collins money. The Engineering building for about $6M, maybe slightly more.

      I would expect that some critical operations would seriously impact critical schedules if interrupted. For example, Air Data Sensors that require long aging times at elevated temperatures to achieve stability for accurate readings come to mind immediately, as well as maintaining burn in chamber environmental control. Then there are vertical stock and finished goods bins that you'd like to access to ship finished goods and then there are network issues. oh, did I mention many of the parts used have to be stored in a humidity controlled environment prior to PC board assembly?

      So I can see RC footing the bill for backup generators - it's a self interest type of thing. Florida Power and Light has frequent short term power outages lasting a fraction of a second to minutes. And for days if a hurricane comes ripping through the area.

    • If we all remember the statements by the pro-union crowd, (A1/ect.) RC doesn't own the Melborne facility it mearly leases it from the Airport authority. Therefore the Backup generators would be improvements by the owner not the leasee. Think about it if you were renting a house and put an inground swimming pool in, who would it belong to? The owner not you, so it would be a money loss. Then again if you were the owner an realized the renter was looking to move, would you make improvements to attempt to keep them? Like put in a backup generator?

    • Please tell me you're kidding , right???


      Why the new back up generators in MLB - to provide incentive for potential buyers of the facility?

    • Why the new back up generators in MLB - to provide incentive for potential buyers of the facility?

    • Vet-

      What's your opinion on how the union benefitted the mechanics at NWA (see link below)? Looks like lot's of the employees junping ship.

      No personal attacks or cynical comments please--just your take.

    • ?To move to another location because of union activity is against Federal law.?

      Gee, you and all the union shills in Melborne are giving the company the reason, and it has nothing to do with union, it is financial. How many have heard the union shills talk about the high costs in Melborne. Therefore to reduce the product cost and maximize profit, it would make sense to move to a place with a lower cost. Maybe one that will give a company a tax break, relocation funding, ect. Sound like the plan and the union is giving the company the ammo.

    • Bill is correct. The Dallas guys are opposed to organizing Midland as IBEW. Anyone that knows about Dallas knows they are baised because of their history.

      That doesn't mean they are not good union workers. They are just loyal to their own union (IUE).

    • Relocating Melbourne Operations is my biggest fear and an even bigger possibility ... There is no Federal Law prohibiting a company from seeking a greater profit for its shareholders , and if that includes moving, so be it ... I'm quite sure that RC could more than justify the move.

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