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  • wwwhead222 wwwhead222 Apr 17, 2008 2:00 AM Flag

    Why I sold NTRI Today

    Congratulations, you win my "Clown of the Day" award!

    > "when just about everything is green and th "stock" is red. I just had to pull the plug."

    Do, or pretend to do, whatever you like. Do I really believe that you "just had" to post to tell us why you sold after you hold no position? No, you would most likely be moving on to greener pastures - in silence.

    If you invest for 1 day of returns you're an idiot. Come back in 3, 6, 12 months and be sure to update us on what a good/bad move your selling below 20 was!

    When a company is cash flow positive (by a multi-million dollar margin EVERY quarter), buying back its own stock hand over fist, upgrading previous guidance, expanding internationally, has zero debt, has a much improved marketing campaign AND gets its first addition to an index (S&P 600) only an idiot would sell based on a single day - or week for that matter!!! Did I mention 50% or more of the outstanding float is probably still SHORT?

    Give it up already, guys. The "longs" that are still here are not going anywhere anytime soon. We know the value of this company is much higher than $20 / share.

    The longer shorts try to keep NTRI down the greater their risk - the tide has turned, the bottom is in. There are certainly much better short candidates out there than Nutrisystem at this point. Isn't it pretty close to time to book those profits and move on to greener pastures? Or, don't listen to me...sit here with your margin money tied up, losing a few percent each week for the next skin off my nose!

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