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    More Insider Selling

    Latest insider selling occured on January 31st at $8.50 a share.

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    • I think that early 2004 is probably optimistic, but nevertheless I'd love to see it. My general take is that by the end of 2004 or early 2005 would be more realistic. Not because they won't have adequate sales beforehand, but the cost of advertising and introducing a new technology is huge and always costs more than you think it will. But the company has very large reserves of cash and will make it to profitiability without any problem.

    • If your logic actually made sense (it doesn't) then Conceptus should charge $2,000 for the device and the facility would receive an additional $1,020. Wouldn't it be nice if things worked that way.

      Where exactly do you practice?

      (I'm starting to wonder if it's La-La Land).

    • Boogins: What is your best guess for quarterly break-even revenues? I am thinking about $10 MM revenues per quarter should bring CPTS to profitability. That only requires about 1000
      docs doing 10 Essures per quarter; should be there by early 2004.

    • Understand the facility fee is about $2500 for lap BTL and $1300 for hysteroscopy. So add the $980 per Essure set to the hysteroscopy fee and you get $2280. Seems to me the insurance company will probably reimburse roughly equally for the two types of female sterilization.
      Hospital has never hesitated to let me perform Thermachoice or TVT sling(devices costs $700 each). So I think they must be able to get adequate reimbursement for surgeries which use expensive "disposables" or "implants". At least they have never refused to provide them, even for my Medicaid patients.

    • This is what I said, "There are publicly traded companies (not CPTS) with so much short interest that they defy gravity. They would be de-listed but short covering, and only short covering, drives them back up, time and again". You didn't see "(not CPTS)", did you? You wasted a post. As far as going long, no, the thought had not occurred to me. Has going short occurred to you?

    • i am a littke confused -- can you explain
      why the hospital would lose money on this
      procedure? what are the reinbursment issues?
      i thought there were none.

    • Doc, I appreciate your brutal honesty. How long however will the hospital be willing to lose money on an elective procedure?

      It's has become very clear why you perfom the procedure at the hospital and not at your own surgery center. If the hospital loses it's no skin off your back right?

    • I don't know what the hospital gets for any surgical procedure that I do, and I don't care!
      That's their business, and doesn't affect my reimbursement. Again, I am not a hospital employee, so I only care what the insurance company pays me to do the procedure. My paycheck comes from doing the procedure, not providing the facility.

    • Your distorted perspective reminds me of the time California gave a Death Row inmate an expensive heart bypass operation so that he would live until his upcoming execution date. I am not a short because shorts are generally illiterate and nasty morons. They are the types of people who yell insults at Little League games and laugh themselves sick at Special Olympics.. They are selfish and childish. Longs are people who are interested in investing in and promoting good companies so that world will be a better place. They like to make money too. So please don't pretend that you are anything more than an opportunistic parasite.

    • How can you talk to that asshole? Do you really expect to engage him in a reasonable dialogue. GImme a break. He's just a cynic and a creep and tops my ignore list.

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