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  • BenjaminCole BenjaminCole Aug 9, 2003 12:36 AM Flag

    still think CPTS needs real PR

    Man, these PR folks can slice the baloney pretty thin..not launching full campaign as potential buyers would overwhelm system?
    Yeah, I bet they are billing CPTS the full monthly retainer, jack...besides, what better way to get doctors enrolled thyan if pateints kept asking them for the Essure procedure?
    Moreover, corporate PR and IR is supposed to serve If there is buzz on this stock and it hits the moon, good.
    Most likely, the PR shops that have been hired are not up to the task, as few PR shops are. CPTS is a monster story, with legs for years and years, and the stock should begin to reflect that, now that all the testing is done, the Blue Cross/Blue Shield actually like the procedure...
    This is like shooting at the broad side of a me one pre-menopausal woman on the planet who would not be at least curious about this procedure, if only for future reference? Okay, some Mormon lady in the hills of Utah, but besides her and my loony aunt, who else?

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    • As I understand it,the Company PR efforts are oriented to health care professionals. In that aspect they are doing extremely well. If you can get any access to OB/Gyn journals you'll quickly see their efforts in this regard.

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      • Yes, yes OB/GYN journals great, great. I happen to be a passive shareholder. I do not identify with the company (nor they with me). I invested for profit (though, in my defense, I would not invest in something I did not think was ethical � I am not totally venal).
        It should be buzz time for this stock. This thing should be a moonshot. Cover story Time mag, "The New Birth Control"
        It is that big of a story. This procedure and product are through the FDA hoops, and accepted by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. It's time to take down the drapes and start dancing naked in front of the windows, if that's what it takes.
        This company needs a powerhouse PR outfit. I have asked inhouse PR what their plans are, but have received no response. My next missive will be to higher-ups.
        Whatver happned to Boogins, anyway?

    • based on that - i think you need to subtract one person from every family as we all have at least one loon hiding in the tree...

      on a serious note - they referenced this in the cc. they already have a backlog of docs waiting to be trained - so the word is out. once the docs who have been trained can become trainers - that is when the numbers roll and massive PR launches seem to make more sense.