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  • skinKhound skinKhound May 7, 1998 12:40 PM Flag

    Check this site for interview w/ CEO (I

    yet cuz the computer I'm on doesn't have sound
    but I'll check it out later....let me know if someone
    listens to it and there's anything interesting (interview
    from 5/4)

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    • I believe that this may be insider information.
      I'm not sure, but I think that if you really are an
      insider that posting this information might be

      If you think of CPTS as only being a research level
      company, which they have reverted to as of late, then you
      need to re-evaluate them. They are focusing on their
      contaceptive device as a research element, and should be
      considered in the class of a research-level company. As
      such, there are many companies with product concepts at
      an equivalent stage that are valued significantly
      higher than CPTS.

    • This puppy is beyond life support...I saw from
      the inside negotiations with potential marketing
      partner. This company
      does not have a technology it can
      sell to the market, they do
      not know the market,
      they put together a fully integrated
      finance, regulatory and quality departments,
      nothing to make, nothing to sell, and no one to sell it
      to, other
      than that it's a crackerjack outfit.
      Board of directors are
      ineffective at best. CEO
      should be dumped, CFO should be
      dumped, VP R&D was
      dumped by IMTI, it just doesn't get any uglier than
      this. Current market value 9.0 million, with 20 mill in
      the bank, not too many investors have any hope in
      this pig.

    • ValueLine has a special recommendation on this stock.
      I got in at 2 5/8 and it now touch 2 1/8 (day's low so far)
      No news anywhere. Any insider news?
      Please reply

    • checked three charts (, and yahoo one-day) and two show a 30K block while
      yahoo shows a 10K and a 20K at 2.5. The others (about 7
      or 8) were smaller in the range of 500-1000. What's
      interesting (and as a disclaimer I admit to being paranoid),
      is that right after the bid moved down to 2 1/4
      several trades went off at the bid which is sometimes the
      mm's way of scooping up stop orders (which they can
      see) at a good price. Then again, it's hard to imagine
      they want to accumulate cpts! Slowly sinking into the
      sunset, just can't seem to pull the trigger :(

    • I can see 37,500 shares traded as of you can see one block of 30,000? is the 7,500 also a block or bits of smaller lot trades? just curious....

    • One thing that might help sales of the sheaths is
      the requiretment for obtaining the patient's
      "informed consent" for health care. It seems to me that in
      order to obtain that consent, the physician is or
      should be required to inform the patient of the
      hysteroscopy alternative to hysterectomy, safer when used with
      Conceptus' sheath and $3,500 lighter on her pocketbook or
      insurance company. I'd be interested to hear what our
      visiting ob/gyn has to say about that.

    • in marketing at Conceptus.

    • opinion which doesn't make a consensus but
      she/he's the only one who responded. Is Dale Clendon IR at
      cpts? I will call but who am I calling. Thanks for the
      other good info. There are many reasons that a stock
      acts like cpts after all the positive press it
      received in early 1997, imo. Clearly we have execution
      problems (sales/marketing) which is the achilles of many a
      small cap. Takes dough. First you gotta prove it's as
      good and that it's cheaper. Then you gotta make the
      sales and train the people. Takes time. One key is to
      get patients on board demanding non-invasive
      treatments (worked with lumpectomy). Don't know if I'll
      average down but I'm still here. Still an acquisition
      target. Regarding cytc, I've ridden it from the teens to
      the twenties 2-3 times and was out when it tanked but
      did buy back in below 15. It is no sure thing either
      for many similar reasons, and it has not
      insignificant competition. Let me know who this Dale person is
      and I'd love to talk to 'em. Have a good one.

    • although I'm not sure that I'm ready to jump on
      the CYTC bandwagon. The slope of its chart may not be
      as even as that of CPTS, but the general direction
      is the same and it managed to lose twice as much
      money in the last twelve months. I'm not familiar with
      all the innovation going on in OB-BYN, but like all
      the other allopathic specialties, the surgeons
      undoubtedly are resistive to anything that threatens to take
      away their knives. Hopefully, however, they are
      fighting a losing battle so far as hysterectomy is
      concerned. There is a lot of downside to removing the
      uterus. Scoping is clearly better in the overwhelming
      majority of the 350K yearly cases of uterine disorder in
      the US alone, provided that it can be done safely.
      It's better for the patient and it saves the insurance
      company $3,500 bucks. Conceptus' sheaths take much of the
      danger out of the scoping procedure and make it safer
      than hysterectomy. The insurance companies will pay
      for it. Perforation occurs in only 1/2 of 1% of the
      cases and is reparable with laproscope surgery.
      Insurance is more and more willing to pay for the
      falloposcopy procedure as well, since it is a diagnostic
      procedure, even if they won't cover the cost of infertility
      treatment. But a growing number of companies will pay for
      that as well. In the winter (Oct. or Nov.) there will
      be several papers presented extolling the benefits
      of the sheath and the scope at the annual meeting of
      the American Association of Gynecological
      Laproscopists (yes, Virginia, there is such an organization) in
      San Francisco. There is other good stuff on the
      horizon. Call Dale Clendon (650) 413-1604 for more info. I
      wouldn't sell just yet if I were you. In fact, it might
      not be a bad idea to average down.

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