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  • shunshinee_2000 shunshinee_2000 Aug 7, 2000 11:22 AM Flag

    FDA approval

    An extremely reliable source has just told me that FDA approval is round the corner

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    • Buyout/schmyout. This company has shed its
      mistakes, has real focus, and a dynamite product. Cash? You
      think they will have problems with raising cash with a
      potential billion dollar product? Doubt it.

      kind of cynicism is rampant these days. Sure the
      company stumbled badly for a while but they have clearly
      taken stock of that and have essentially abandoned
      everything that didn't make sense for them. STOP to my
      eyes(I'm a doc) has enormous appeal as a method to replace
      the invasive and expensive tubal ligation. One of the
      researchers did TEN in one afternoon in his office. TEN.
      Count 'em. Try doing that many tubal ligations in a
      hospital setting.

      I guess investing in stocks like
      this one at this stage is as revealing about ones
      personality as anything else. I'm an optimist and am betting
      that these folks aren't stupid and realise they have a
      major winner on their hands and have bagged everthing
      that distracts them from this. It's clearly and all or
      nothing investment, but the 'all' part is really

    • I believe STOP IS in fact a boffo product... but
      there's danger here with the cash burn rate and (to be
      generous) their 'not so great' track record in the
      marketing arena. Nothing is coming in whilst a whole lotta
      money is being shoveled out the door... if you read the
      financial statement they admit to being inadequately funded
      in the critical Phase III-market period. That recent
      $14 million infusion is a finger in the financial
      dike. CPTS is banking on a Hail Mary pass (buy out)
      upon FDA approval, which is by no means a gimme,
      despite the optimism. Yup, if all goes perfectly
      according to plan this is a $40-50 stock, maybe more, in
      the right buy out. But folks, good people or not (I'm
      sure they are), the fact is CPTS could easily run out
      of money and be holding a heavily discounted patent
      as it's only real asset.

    • No way fda approvalis "right around the corner".
      The FDA does not ever cut corners; neither does

      CPTS will do the pivotal trial - enrollment through Q2
      2001 I believe, then a follow-up period. There will be
      a fda avisory panel meeting probably, as it is a
      novel therapy, then the fda will rule.

      The fda
      plays it by the book. I think CPTS will receive fda
      approval for STOP, in due course when all trials and
      results have been pulled together and submitted. It's a
      great little company