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  • edgarhansen1982 edgarhansen1982 Feb 22, 2014 1:07 PM Flag


    1. You say "wheres the news, they never have news."
    They say "Silence is Golden."
    2. You say CASEE website is 4 years old and you hear nothing from China
    They say "Silence is Golden."
    3. You say "Why is China not even mentioned in over half the press releases"
    They say Silence is Golden
    4. You say "What is it Velti PLC actually owns? They sold IP, high rev regions and name."
    They say "Fucccxxxxxk you, and Silence is Golden"
    5. You say "The only worth person, CFO Jeff Ross resigned."
    They say "CFO not needed, and silence is Golden
    6. You say "Tell me how they will actually turn a profit and what is their breakeven point?"
    They say "Velti is working with the shareholders, silence is Golden"
    7. You say "SMS messaging is garbage and most companies do it in house now"
    They say "Mad dog barking again"
    8. You say "Why should I keep buying when my money keeps swirling down the toilet?"
    They say "Time now is for accumulation"
    9. You say "What specifically HLIN is important about summer 2014 in China?"
    He say "Cant reveal my source. Patient is Golden"
    10. You say "Looks like Velti LinkedIN numbers of employees going down every day"
    They say "They are cutting cost you imbecixxxxle"
    11. You say "Isnt it funny MIG and Velti were in bed together and MIG dumped all their shares?"
    They say "Their loss. Silence is Golden"
    12. You say " You DO realize this isnt an invesntment but rather gambling right?"
    They say "Not according to my partners in China!" Wait wait wait until next month (and next month)

    Anyone see the same pattern here?


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