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  • valuation_guru valuation_guru Jun 8, 2012 12:35 PM Flag

    When are you guys going to get it?

    Real companies don't trade at a 1.38 forward pe. This is only my opinion, but there is something seriously wrong here.

    And btw, isn't unusual that everybody's hero, Temp, has posted thousands of time on this board, but never once on another board? And he alludes to knowing insiders at the company? Is he truly independent? He definitely has steered you wrong regarding this investment.

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    • If he had posted every post that he has and the stock were trading at double digits, would he still have been misleading us. Temp in his posts usually states factually what is going on with he company. Occasionally someone such as myself will ask for his opinion on an issue and he obliges. Regarding the companies performance. In the past the company delivered as promised. During the last two quarters business slackened off and the company failed to give anyone a heads up. Temp was not the only one taken by surprise, no one saw it coming. Temp didn't sugar coat the importance of withholding information. When it became apparent, he commented on it.

      As to his not posting on other message boards, since we don't know why,perhaps we shouldn't attribute anything to it.
      The only thing wrong with this stock is that it's not fairly valued and we all know about the space being decimated so why go into that again.

    • Valuation -

      Who knows who Temp is, this is an anonymous message board after all. He could be Meng for all I know. Or even sstimpcs!

      That said, he's never posted anything misleading IMO, and everything he has ever said has been backed up by other analysts, specifically Freas at M* (who claims price on CHOP has been disconnected from fundamentals due to issues not stock specific).

      So basically, even if Temp is full of BS, there's nothing he's said that puts him outside what other analysts have said.

      So basically, what's there to have a problem with?

      The sector sucks.

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