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  • anthonyroberts_lb anthonyroberts_lb Aug 13, 2008 10:48 AM Flag

    Stock question?

    The other day txcc had over a million shares trading ,why is it the stock only went up 1 cent? I could see that in a big co, with millions of shares being traded. but when you have a co, like txcc that only trades in the thousands one must wonder. IF PEOPLE ARE PLAYING AROUND MAKING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON TXCC, THEY WOULD BE MAKING MILLIONS ON LARGER CO,. THIS IS JUST WRONG AND HONEST PEOPLE SHOULD NOT GET BURNED. WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO THIS THIEVERY.

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    • Everyone is making a big deal from this big trade. More then likely it was nothing. My guess is a large holder just transferred shares from one of their accounts to another. That is why there was no price movement. The shareholder just sold the stock to himself. This is all a guess but that is my take. I have seen this 3 or 4 times in the past.

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      • The trade of 1.333 plus million shares or just over 1% of the total shares of txcc happened before the market opened. Trades outside of regular hours are expensive. The shares were, perhaps, being sold by somebody who knew something and wanted to get out fast. He or it sold all shares. We know this because it was an odd lot sale. On the other hand not having this party would eliminate his negativity and thus one less major source of stock distribution and thus the price might trend up for the next few days.

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