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  • zooeats_ballsack zooeats_ballsack Nov 1, 2011 2:43 PM Flag

    Troll with "greedy"aliass is Matt Deluca


    According to sources on the IVAN board. They even posted the URL to his Facebook page.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Lets make it clear I am not Matt Deluca the troll is and is a sick child. I am the original Greedy and the troll originated because of me. But it is not me. The troll lives in Europe and flips burgers and posts on its break every two hours. I know all about this troll because it goes everywhere I go and posts under my ID and why everyone thinks I am the troll.

      But Im not. Lets make that clear. Matt Deluca is, he is a sick child. Its just coincidents that it started where ever I went and that I sit on CRNT board every day talking to the troll when bored. I am Greedy but not the greedy or chimp troll. I am not the sonofzooloo troll either that is also coincidents that I went to that board and the troll started there, just like here TXCC.

    • He quit having ALL mentions of his real name and identity as the sonofzooloo88 and "greedy" board troll deleted because that as is common sense constituted proof he was sacred of having it spread all over the boards he's trolled on for years.

      But dropping that strategy of reporting all of them is just as bad.

      Checkmate Deluca, let's see if there is anyone as sick as you that will take the trip to Houston to exact revenge.

    • OK, so I have heard from the IVAN board that the troll:

      - works in a hedge fund boiler room, and gets paid to discredit stock boards to affect new folks doing research.

      - is a psych ward patient at the Lakewood Hospital in PA.

      - is now Matt Deluca.

      I went to Google and searched this latest one, but like the other two I still not have seen anything that definitively ties the troll / spammer to this latest find... a couple of interesting things on the Facebook page, but that was it.

      I don't like this loser troll anymore than the next guy, but these unsubstantiated claims about who the troll is are no better than the trolls posts...

      Unless I am missing something, and this is the end all identification of this loser. Please post links or whatever that prove / disprove and make the connection, or save it for the IVAN board. I would love to know who this clown is for real... that way he can get a little of his own medicine.

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      • He has a well known alias sonofzooloo88.
        If you go to his View Messages list (see IVAN board) you'll have to go back a bunch of posts or use the search box at IVAN and put "Matt D" you'll see he claims that's his name a few times.

        This where you have to pay attention: There are several "wvvwvvw" aliases working the IVAN board. Only one is the troll so far.

        Here is the Pulse info:

        Scroll down the page:

        Note that he posted to a article by "Matt Deluca". He shares the real life name with a writer at Inc. Magazine, who wrote the article he commented on.

        Troll Matt Deluca lives in NW Houston, he has said so many times. using, his address is shown which happens to be in NW Houston.

        BINGO! PLUS:

        When they all started posting this info as it spread around the users at IVAN, he had yahoo delete ALL mentions of the name.

        HOWEVER: When it was pointed out this was occurring, he suddenly stopped having hat name deleted. We're talking dozens of posts now he had deleted.

        Now who would go through all that trouble if he wasn't Matt Deluca?


        You can still get some info from the deleted posts by using the search box at IVAN and type in Matt Deluca.

      • "works in a hedge fund boiler room, and gets paid to discredit stock boards to affect new folks doing research"

        Excuse my ignorance but how exactly would that work? Paying someone to discredit stock boards seems far fetched to me considering a stock board is nothing more than a social media site and has no real direct influence on stock purchases or sells. I doubt many investors, traders, etc would rely on a board for research.

        I suspect the person is no more than an immature adult or teenager in need of attention.

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