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  • lisse_lynn lisse_lynn Mar 4, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    TXCC Board of Directors,

    other then collecting free shares and sitting on hands, what have they been doing ?

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    • In addition to ochs reply, most boards really do not do much anyhow, regardless of company. While in theory they represent stockholders, most are there as friends of the ceo and/or represent the largest shareholders/lenders. Most directors would have little or no idea how to run the company, let alone the direction in which it should move. As ochs indicated, this is a "Hail Mary" move or a roll of the dice that will determine the fate of txcc. Personally I think it is a stupid move since video connectivity is moving into a firmware/wireless mode but others still believe in copper wires. Time will tell.

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      • you have interesting view point on "directors" who serve on the board of a public company.
        are not most of the directors who have been appointed involved in some manner with either having a financial interest, or more specifically a background of that company's expertise.
        i see that TXCC has maybe 6-7 board members, Is the former COB Mr. Monty still with TXCC ?
        i was believing that the board members whom serve have a fiduciary obligation to the shareholder.
        i guess its all about the persons credibility. The CEO has stated that TXCC has significant opportunities in the HDML display. as you say time will tell !

      • reed1v,

        Thank you for a thoughtful reply. I agree that most boards have too cozy a relationship with management.


    • lisse_lynn,

      What are they supposed to do? Ali and the BOD have set out on a new course with video connectivity and there is no turning back. It either works or it or it doesn't. At this point, we are all passengers on the Transwitch train. It remains to be seen if it will ever leave the station.


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