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  • mindsweep11 mindsweep11 Mar 11, 2013 4:08 PM Flag

    Viideo_Eng ..question for you ?

    I read your post from a couple weeks ago below. now my question with regards to your post is that.
    There is now a Global telecom buildout going on. if you look on transwitch web-site the company has an
    an array of products for network infrastructure even calling prodcuts "best-in-class" . Now that this telecom
    buildout is now taking place do you think this TXCC will partispate in with sales growth where the stock price should start to advance in price. let me first ask you ,from your post you seem to think that going forward there will be higher purchases in TXCC stock. If this is the case let me ask you the same question which poster "Ochs" did not want to answere . So if you believe that Txcc actually has the telecom products they`re claim on company web site? If you do believe TXCC claim having telecom products then the company should see robust sales in with there telecom products during this "Golbal Telecom Build Out " correct ? Thanks

    p.s. Ouchs feel free to give opinion as well

    There has definitely been a large buyer and a large seller. I have no idea who the large buyer is but it could be multiple large buyers. As for the seller, my guess is it is the company operating through Aspire. There simply no one else who holds that much stock. The best alternative for raising money is to sell patents but if that isn't working or taking too long, then the company doesn't have much choice but to sell stock. To me, that would be an incredible buying opportunity. This isn't someone who is making a judgment on TXCC's prospects but someone who needs to sell a certain amount of stock, and then they are done. One day they will be done so you might as well average in now. If I were a big institutional buyer, I would be glad the company was selling because otherwise it would be hard to buy stock. The company is selling to finance itself but someone big is stepping up to the plate to finance them. That to me is real bullish

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    • Txcc has basically sold off whatever it had in the telecom business and now is trying to move into the video/tv end of things. If you want to invest in the telecom business, go look at vz and its affiliates.

    • mindsweep,

      It is not that I didn't want to answer, I simply didn't feel qualified to answer. Read the last transcript and tell me how much time Dr. Ali spends on telecom. The answer is virtually nada. My observation for you is that if the global telecom buildout is your reason for investing in TranSwitch, you are in the wrong pew. You should invest in a pure play as obviously TranSwitch is exiting that business. Just my two cents and probably worth less than that.


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