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  • ochsnerbier ochsnerbier Mar 13, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    No Volume

    This is ridiculous. There are no buyers or sellers. Bid is 300 shares @ $0.78; Ask is 100 shares @ $0.80. That translates to $234 on the buy side and $80 on the sell side. For very little money, you too can control TranSwitch's stock price.


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    • More lunacy. At just after noon, Bid: 0.76 Size 32,300; Ask: 0.7601 Size 1000. What does that mean? The difference on the bid is $0.0001 or $3.23. That makes so much sense.


    • Well, volume came back, but unfortunately it was a big seller who dumped stock as low as $0.714. 219.3K shares in blocks of 18.9K, 35K, 86.6K, and 88.8K sold in the first fifteen minutes. This sucks.


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      • Big seller was met by big buyer. As of the time of this post, the stock is flat on the day.

        PCWORLD published an interesting article on their website yesterday comparing HDMI and displayport, their specs, common applications, advantages, disadvantages, positives and negatives. The author came to the conclusion that each has advantages in certain applications and disadvantages in others. His findings support what Ali said on the last C.C. pertaining to the fact that the video ecosystem is so big and varied that multiple standards have emerged and have proliferated. Each of these standards (namely HDMI, displayport and now MHL) are not going anywhere soon and will not only coexist for the forseeable future but even compliment each other. Transwitch's approach, which is to design an agnostic chip supporting all major video standards in one IC vs. developing another new standard is a novel approach to the problem of simplification Hopefully it works out in the long run for the company and the shareholders.

    • what would you expect where you have leadership that cannot execute.
      other then delistings, stock dilutions, reverse splits ..ect..ect

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      • mindless,

        TranSwitch has not been delisted and the 1:8 reverse split was in November 2009, before Dr. Ali became CEO. Get your facts straight. Management had to dilute to keep the company afloat. The jury is still out on the strategic pivot from telecom to consumer electronics, but we should know in six months. All opinions are welcome on TranSwitch, but uninformed ones.


      • Think Ochs is implying the stock is easy to manipulate at these prices and vol. At these levels, no real interest in the company, just penny stock gaming. Getting real close to delisting so no big buyers are going to risk being caught with pink sheet junk. With a broad based rising market, unlikely txcc will be given any second chances by the exchange. If the company was viable, someone should have taken it private by now, or a buy-out.

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