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  • callclairegreen callclairegreen Mar 24, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    Last Week of Q1

    This week is the last chance to book revenues for Q1 and hopefully they will include a significant (at least percentage wise) ramp in HDPlay revenues as well as some LTB telecom orders. This from the Q4 call: "We do have multiple projects with these (7) customers. In fact, if these seven customers execute on their plans as described to us, we expect that they will have 12 models in production using TranSwitch HDPlay ICs by the end of the first quarter 2013. Based on our sales funnel, we see the possibility of an additional six to seven customers in production by midyear, increasing the total list of our active customers to 14." While I can't explain the large percentage drop in the stock price in recent months, could it be that cash flow is better than we dare hope meaning further dilution is not necessary and they are holding firm on a fair price for the patents. It would be great for the stock, if we saw some insiderbuying to signal the storm has passed.

    Glass Half Full,


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    • mbartos625 Mar 26, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

      TXCC is not in compliance with line of credit. Inless they work something out they have to repay the 2.4 million on April 4 2013. They do not have the cash. What are they going to do?
      They are not in compliance with ownwers equity for continued listing on NAS. Largest asset is Goodwill at 5.0 million? What are they going to do?
      Their stock price is not in compliance with the Aspire deal. What are they going to do to raise cash?
      HDplay revenues will be around 10% of total sales for the quarter. Most we could hope for is $500,000. Ali and lynch and the boys need to set up a collection plate and start donating their own money if they want to keep this company afloat. TXCC is on the brink of bankruptcy. April 4 2013???

    • All of the announcements as to "buyers" of the company's technology are couched in some weird wording to the effect that "solutions" are evidently being "used" or "employed" rather than an announcement that someone has actually bought something from txcc. "Solutions" is nebulous. Yes, I know it probably is a license to use an ee design, but why not say that rather than have all the ambiguous wordings? Makes it sound like a smoke screen. Evidently most investors assume such with the drastic plunge in price over the past month.

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