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  • texormeter texormeter Apr 12, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    Ochs a good rinsing at Gandhi river will be of no help you,

    to cleans yourself of your depravity of deception with only intentions.
    being to steal money from innocence people. that goes for your Ike .

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    • Hey Tex,

      It is always amusing when you think you are being so clever in your posts and unknowingly you reveal your abject ignorance. Gandhi was an Indian leader who led India to independence from Britain after World War II. He was trained as a lawyer and was the architect of non violent protest. The river you refer to is the Ganges. This is the most important river to Hindus and is thought to be a source of purification. Now we have the facts straight, let me answer your question. No, I don't need a rinsing in the "Gandhi" as, I have already taken a bath with TranSwitch stock. There is no point in overkill. I have already been cleansed of my "depravity of deception".


    • Ochs your "Silence" is deafening !

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      • Hey Och, did Txcc pay for your Indemnification policy also ?

        On April 10, 2013, the Company entered into indemnification agreements (the "Indemnification Agreements") with each of Robert Bosi, the Company's Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Amir Bar-Niv, the Company's Senior Vice President and General Manager High Speed Interconnect Business, and Haim Moshe, the Company's Senior Vice President and General Manager TranSwitch Israel.

        The Indemnification Agreements supplement existing indemnification provisions of the Company's Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation, as amended, and, in general, provide for indemnification to the maximum extent permitted by Delaware law, subject to the exceptions, terms and conditions provided in the Indemnification Agreements. The Indemnification Agreements also provide that the Company will advance to the indemnified person, if requested by an indemnified person, expenses incurred in connection with any proceeding arising out of such indemnified person's service to the Company, subject to reimbursement by the indemnified person should a final judicial determination be made that indemnification is not available under applicable law, and that the Company may purchase and maintain insurance against any liability asserted against, and incurred by, the indemnified person arising out of their service to the Company, if such insurance is available on commercially reasonable terms.

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