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  • texormeter texormeter Apr 14, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    how deceptive are Ceo`s latest comments to public investors?

    1, Our expectation is that over the next three to six months, using one or a combination of options, we'll finally be able to put these funding issues behind us and focus on the exciting growth of our new business as we move into the second half of 2013.

    2."expectations are that the installed base will reach 1 billion units within two years. It's a very exciting market for us and one that we are focused on as part of our core strategy"

    these latest remarks from Txcc executive office statement were make about 2 months ago.
    i will now say that these remarks are 100% false and will not materialize in the best interest of Txcc shareholders, just like many Txcc investors suspect these statements were made to mis-lead the public.
    trues the remarks are spoken with the design of being deceptive to all outside investors imo. (deception) 100%

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    • tex,

      How can those statements be false when Dr. Ali is talking about the future? Makes no sense. If TranSwitch doesn't meet his expected goals then you have a point. Until then you are just spitting in the wind.


    • CEO keeps spinning the tales ,,just to make it to bankruptcy,
      I would not waste your time if i was you,. i.e dunking yourself in Ganges. thanks Ochs!

      • 1 Reply to texormeter
      • for some reason you keep making excuses for these people on (payroll). everyone can see this company is running a scam and are playing investors (kick can down rode) i.e which the management want to keep collecting salaries until they drain all shareholder equity. which they are!

        answer these question.

        1) why was Ceo`s last "core strategy" a FAILURE ..(triple play )..where broardcom was not! scam?
        you even denied that CEO had triple play strategy ...why ? was CEO "spitting in the wind" .
        while declaring Txcc triple play on C.C .. or that Triple play strategy does not count !!....

        2) Why does the company want to deicve people making false statements about the company
        products ..being " that a scam.. it has to be .otherwise Txcc did have best
        in-class products then the company would not be near bankruptcy.

        I say the best-in-cllass statement is just part of management scam/deception trying to say
        anything long as they collect there salaries. for as long as they can (kick can down rode)
        cheating and liar to all. ...until cash runs out.. so Ochs is the-best-in class products
        on Txcc website ..spitting in the wind ..or scam ? thanks for your opinion.

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