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  • anilkoomar anilkoomar Apr 21, 2013 1:24 PM Flag

    Cpl Txcc comments / questions for those in the know

    1) for a $15mm market cap, how does Txcc have 3 analysts covering the stock?
    2). Why is there such a huge difference in txcc's 2013 rev projections and yahoo estimates? Does this boil down to credibility or am I off based on mgt.'s recent updates?
    3). What is the latest on the patent sales? How is it acceptable that mgt stated sales would occur by 2012 and we know nothing in mid April.
    4). If mgt is so confident that there issues are solely balance sheet related, why dilute a beaten down stock further instead of going a different route to raise cash. Heck reach into your personal accounts and save the dilution which affects their personal stake anyway.
    5). What are the latest projections for 2013 rev ?
    6). What is txcc's stock price worth now based on current situation and probability for future success?
    7). Why am I asking these questions after the fact instead of prior to making an investment :)
    8). Why do I feel like selling for a loss and buying more at the same time?
    9). Why am I so confused?

    Feel free to take a stab at any of these questions.

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    • In terms of question #2, Yahoo estimates are worthless for the most part. Basically reflect a three year moving average projected out to the future by a factor applied to similar sized corporations. For example, when Enron was going down the tubes, Yahoo projected record increases in the stock's value for the forthcoming year. For Zayres, the company had gone into receivership and Yahoo forecasted a sizable growth in the stock's value. So, ignore the Yahoo numbers.

      In terms of question #9, to paraphrase an old saying: When in doubt, run in circles; scream and shout.

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