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  • grandslammer22 grandslammer22 May 18, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    How much is this company really worth after paying off the debt?


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    • Keep in mind the previous telecom products are worthless. The new technology has yet to take off. All of the potential customers and tens of millions of dollars in potential earnings are just that, potential (getting sick of hearing words like "traction" and "pull" from the CEO. The CC is scattered with this #$%$. Those are just BS marketing terms. The company has no traction with its products and no pull from OEMs at this time). Plus, the company has a negative working capital of almost 8 million dollars with an Accounts Payable that almost instantly gobbles up their Accounts Receivable (meaning no cash remaining by end of 2nd quarter). I will have to agree with gandhip that firesale is likely the only exit. If they sell by some miracle, maybe $5-10 million at most because the buyer has to also pick up debt. Based on current outstanding shares, we might be at about 20 cents a share at most.

    • I think they can manage to sell the company for bits and pieces for near $1 share but any acquiring company would see the desperation and may just wait it out for a firesale. The mgt team is so incompetent that what makes anyone believe they can orchestrate a sale of the whole company at a decent price if they can't even sell patents after 9 months of trying.

      That all being said, I gave it until this past quarter to prove myself wrong and just decided to relinquish my entire position at a measley $.42. The odds of going to 0 are far higher than reaching $1 or higher at this point 8-10 to 1.


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