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  • anilkoomar anilkoomar May 31, 2013 12:04 AM Flag

    All txcc members...

    It has been a long day but I have attempted to respond to all queries. I am tired as my investment in various positions is not my full time job. I am growing my consultancy which allows me to invest in these shares. My contributions are charity - I do not get paid for any of my research and postings.

    I will get back at it tomorrow but avail is limited. I oiled hope others pick up the slack and main goal tomorrow is recap of presentation. I await that eagerly.

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    • To All TXCC Members,

      Those who consider anilkoomar an idiot and a pain in the rear, please recommend this post.


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      • stockyard - appreciate your coming to defense and it was completely unnecessary.

        Ochs- Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you are no different. You can name call me all you want. The fact that I am fresh from India probably gives you extra ammo to poke fun at my expense and it is ok.

        You seem like an intelligent person. Reading your posts it is obvious that you follow and research the company well. However, look at the results. You are completely blinded by the inability of this mgt team to show positive results and live up to promises. You have dumped a $100k into this dwindling company for so long and continue to support the company after losing 80% of your investment. Your views are tainted and one would think you work for TXCC.

        Irregardless of your seemingly intelligeny and well written posts, how can you offer anything of value when you are so delusional. Newmercs had it right when he said it was time to move ignore all signs and continue to bleed money into this company. are you for real....? How can you offer accurate advice if your views are completely tainted and are not open minded to hear reason?

        I sold thinking things were not looking good - then bought back in based on new information. That is the type of flexibility you need to succceed at investing. you think you know it all, but you know nothing as you continue to support failure.

        Compare our portfolios (although mine is much smaller than yours) and then tell this board who is the idiot. That is if your truthful in how much you invested....I doubt that someone could continue to promote this company with such a large position. You may seem intelligent, but the results indicate that your postings are just 'selling' a fake story and causing others to go down with the ship like you will.

        Good luck to you.

      • I don't believe it is proper to attack other posters. If you are unable to say something good about someone then keep quite. It is perfectly ok to disagree or have a different opinion but you should do so in a civil manner. It kind of shows your upbringing!

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